Our Mission and Values


Our Mission

Together we…
Know God.
Show the love of Jesus.
Share the gifts of the Spirit.


Our Values

Spiritual Growth

We understand that true fulfillment comes from a loving relationship with God. We actively reach out to those seeking God so they, too, can embrace Him, be amazed by His wonder, and know how much He loves them. We trust Jesus. We pursue a lifestyle of discovery to establish a personal relationship with Him and are guided by His Spirit and truth. We are fueled by a passion that mobilizes us to make the world a better place.

Passionate Celebration

We live our lives as a passionate expression of our love for God. Our worship of God is a personal experience and is expressed in a variety of ways. Prayer…using our gifts in service to others…reading the Bible…sharing our faith…tithing…gathering in worship weekly to connect, learn and grow in Spirit and experience God's dynamic presence in our midst.

Including Children in All that We Do

By design, God created Church and Family to work together to spread His word to all future generations. The heart of God is primarily communicated by the family. The role of family is to impress on their children the love and character of God. Our role as a Church is to turn on the light. As a Church community it is our responsibility to partner with families and empower them to become the Spiritual Leaders in their children's lives.


Trusting relationships with others is the foundation of living a Christian life. Our relationships with each other allows us to connect with each other in deep and meaningful ways. At Trinity, we meet regularly in small groups as a way of creating this connection. Being part of a small group allows us to strengthen our walk with God, encourage and care for each other, and reach out together to help others.

Inspired Service

We are the Church. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are devoted to making a difference in our community and around the world. We pursue excellence in everything we do knowing that our work is God's work. Each of us has been blessed with unique gifts and talents to fulfill a special purpose in service to others. No matter what our age, each of us needs to learn fully what gifts we have and how we might best use them to make a difference in God’s world.

Together in Community

For many, Trinity is like an extended family. As a community we strive to create a place where everyone feels they belong, knows they are supported, and loved by God no matter what. Together we celebrate life's joys, make a difference in God's world, and provide comfort and support for each other when life becomes more than we can handle alone.