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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 19:19

10 Things that Make Trinity Different (in a Good Way)

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I can relate. Can you? Sunday mornings are so much better at Trinity. I can relate. Can you? Sunday mornings are so much better at Trinity.

My husband and I tried out dozens of churches before we found Trinity United Methodist in Whitesboro. I'm not kidding - dozens. Ask our kids. It really annoyed them.

Here are just a few things that make Trinity different. 

1. You can bring your coffee into the sanctuary.

Okay, I know it might seem weird that I'm listing this first on the list, but after struggling to get my family out the door and to church on a Sunday morning, I sure to appreciate this! I can definitely focus better on the sermon and what's going on in worship if I'm not suffering from caffeine withdrawal.


If something was going to be #1, this might just be it. Worship services at Trinity are contemporary and we have a rock band. And it's good! If you're not sure you could do a church with a rock band, I suggest listening to some of the Christian radio stations for a few weeks. The energetic, uplifting tunes are a great way to begin the week.

3. The emphasis on grace. 

4. Family-friendliness.

5. Little kid-friendliness.

Why didn't I put "little kid-friendliness" under "family-friendliness?" If you have little kids, you know why!

Attending church

  6. The dress code is come-as-you-are.

You don't get extra points with Jesus if your family shows up to church looking like you all just stepped out of a magazine. And, at Trinity, we don't really care what you wear, either.

Some people like the tradition of ressing up for church, and they do.
Some dress in jeans and t-shirts so they can get ready quickly and then go about their business after service.
Some kids end up at church in their pajamas or last year's Halloween costume, because see #5.

The important thing is that you show up and you're comfortable.

7. All are welcome.

At Trinity, we don't care about your sexual orientation, 

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